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Welcome to my site.  Here you’ll find some information on the threads of my work.


I focus on the ways communities contribute to the sustainability of their landscapes. My bottom line is that sustainable landscapes are possible through community actions and sustainable communities need sustainable landscapes.


I’ve been working in this as a professional social scientist for 30+ years in various places around the world, but in particular Australia and the Asian region. My bottom line has taken me to forests, mountains, the great rivers of South Asia, wetlands, seascapes, deserts and urban neighbourhoods. I’ve worked with communities in conserving and protecting their forests, their efforts in protecting endangered species (mostly tigers), in their contributions to national park management and their initiatives in welcoming travellers into their homes, communities and landscapes. My start and end point? People.


I’ve been fortunate to have worked with amazing young people, women and men who have contributed to the sustainability of their communities, their landscapes and our futures. They are important reminders that, given opportunities, we are all able to engage with issues of sustainability and sustainable landscapes – we all have contributions to make.



On this website you’ll find further information on the threads of my work.  The Sharing Experiences page takes you to further information on my writing, photography, work as a speaker and educator, and my research and advising. Slow travel, which is a particular focus, is also here and at my site Local Slow Travel.


If that isn’t enough, you can read about my current projects as well as about my professional, collaborative approach. There’s also a bit about me.


Have a look around my site and get in touch. You can get in touch/stay in touch a few different ways. You can sign up for my fortnightly newsletter (via the pop-up on this page or go to my ‘Communities of Practice’ page). You can join one of my Communities of Practice. Or you can follow me on insta or twitter, where I use #LSTcommunities, #communitiesandlandscapes, #communitiesandsustainability and #communitiesandresilience for posts or retweets specifically focused on communities and landscapes.


It’d be great to start some conversations around communities and their landscapes.