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Conversations with Landscapes

Why would you want to start a conversation with a landscape?


It’s a good question and one that took me a lot of years to understand. There are a few straightforward ones. Having conversations provide a foundation for understanding. In one way, having conversations with landscapes and their communities provides understanding that can be built on in terms of sustainability, resilience and equity. After all, to get understanding we need to have conversations.


But like all conversations, these have layers – the layers of the communities, the layers of our understanding, the layers of trust that conversations require, the increasingly nuanced understanding that having richer and deeper conversations provide. Most of all they require time, commitment and awareness – just like any conversations that seek to go beyond the superficial.


So, for me, having conversations with landscapes provides insights into the beat of the landscape, and the interdependencies that occur across them. Perhaps most importantly, they’re also a reminder that conversations are foundations for building understanding and relationships.


More about this through my Blog, our Collaboration Spaces and on my social media. Let’s start our own conversations.